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Routin Fee and Tim Limits

Routines and Time Limits

Performance Levels

Performance Troupe - This division is designed for dancers who take class less than three hours per week and have limited or no competition experience.

Performance Levels

Intermediate Troupe - This division is designed for dancers who take class more than three to five hours a week including rehearsal time and have competition experience, but are in transition between Performance and Elite Troupe.

Elite Troupe - This division is designed for dancers who take class more than five hours per week including rehearsal time and have had several years of dance and competition experience with elite level skills

Super Troupe - This division is designed for special needs dancers. DTI believes everyone should have the opportunity to perform and follow their dream of dance. Our Super Troupe dancers will not be leveled and are not eligible for overall awards, but they will receive a participation award. There is no entry fee for this. Please contact DTI after completing registration.

We trust the Studio Directors to use their own sound judgment when determining the number of hours of practice per dancer and in which level contestants should be placed. The level of group routines is determined by the performance level of 51% of the performers in the routine. Duos/Trios should compete in the level of the most                                               advanced dancer registered in that routine.

Skills Judge will determine any level change up or down during the event to protect all dancers and the competitive integrity of DTI.

Skills Judge is qualified in all genres of dance at all levels including studio, competitive, collegiate, and professional.

Age Division and Entry Limits

Age Divisions

Division should be determined by the average age of all dancers in the routine.

The level of group routines is determined by the performance level of 51% of the performers in the routine. Duo/Trios should compete at the level of the most advanced performer registered in the routine. 

Adult and ProAm performances are not eligible for the highest score awards.

Both National and Preliminary age divisions are based on the dancer's age as of January 1st of the seasonal year.

Entry Limits

Soloists are limited to three entries. You may not compete against yourself in the same category (ex. Jazz against Jazz).

Duo/Trios are limited to three entries. You may not compete against yourself in the same category (ex. Jazz against Jazz).

Solos/Duets/Trios with identical dancers may only place with their highest scoring routine.

Group routines may also not compete against themselves in the same category (ex. Jazz against Jazz) unless at least half of the dancers are different. 

Winners at one Preliminary may compete with the same routine at another Preliminary. 

Any number having won an overall high score or highest score award from a Preliminary or National DTI competition may not compete with the same number the following year in which it won. This is inclusive of all dance divisions and the number will be disqualified from any Overalls and Highest Scores. 

Performance Categories

Performance Categories

Open Category is intended for routines which combine more than one style of dance or an option not listed above, such as Pom, Baton, Ballroom, etc.

DTI will provide one cordless microphone for use in Vocal and Song and Dance. Personal microphones and headsets can be used with our sound system; however, they MUST be tested before the competition.

Tricks are not permitted in Ballet or Pointe.

Unlimited tricks are allowed only in Acro, Open, Hip Hop, and Pom.

All other categories are limited to three tricks. If multiple students perform the same trick at the same time, it only counts as ONE trick. All passes with multiple tricks are counted as ONE trick.

A trick is a movement that passes through or stops at a fully inverted position with both feet off the floor with the torso passing or stopping directly over the top of one's head/shoulders. The only exceptions to this are forward, backward and shoulder rolls and lifts supported by one or more dancers.


Entries must be received along with payment 30 business days prior to the competition start date.


Entries are accepted on a first come basis and will be limited to the amount of performance time available.

Entries received after the deadline, (if time permits) will incur a $10.00 late fee per entry. Entries will not be processed without full payment.

A $5 charge will be issued for any changes made after an event schedule is published.

Visa, Mastercard, cashier, certified, business or personal checks, money orders and cash are accepted. If paying by personal check, the checks must have cleared the bank before payment is considered finalized.

If Dance Troupe Inc. has not received payment for routines before the event begins, the dancers will NOT be permitted to compete.

Credit Card payments are subject to a transaction fee upon checkout.

Entry fees are NONREFUNDABLE. Credit vouchers valid for a one-year period are issued at the discretion of DTI for sickness or injury. In the case of a cancelled event, refunds will, of course, be given.

  • Please mail payments to:             Dance Troupe Inc.

                                                              PO Box 61

                                                              Clanton, AL 35046

Judging and Stage

Judging and Adjudication

The decision of the judges is final and not open for discussion. All entries are judged based on a point system by a minimum of three qualified judges.  Judging is based on Technique, Showmanship, Precision, Choreography and Difficulty. Costume, Choreography and Entertainment are also scored separately by the judges for Overall Awards.


Judges audio critiques have to be downloaded to the server after the event. These, as well as score sheets, will be uploaded to the studio’s Dance Comp Genie account within one week of the event. Computer errors, though rare, do occur.  DTI will make every effort to correct any errors or omissions that may occur due to a computer malfunction.


Props must be set up in less than two minutes. For production numbers, prop set-up time is five minutes with a take-down time of three minutes.  The building of sets on stage is prohibited. If a prop must be assembled backstage, there must not be any loud noise accompanying the process. No fire, liquid, powder, ashes, knives, swords, gel, dry ice, aerosol, fog or smoke machines. Simulated weapons are allowed only with DTI written approval after inspection. Helium balloons are not permitted. Live animals are prohibited. Props must be freestanding with no attachment to the stage, the in-house rigging, or any other part of the venue. If your dance litters the stage, you must be ready to have it cleaned within one minute. Every venue is different, so if you are concerned about prop size, please contact DTI to discuss dimensions


Music must be uploaded on the registration page on the Dance Comp Genie website. Studios are required to have back-up music available. If a back-up is needed, the emcee or sound technician will request it.


Studio owners must provide proof of age if a protest from another studio owner occurs. Any protest must be presented to the backstage manager within 30 minutes of the routine performance.


Re-Performance is at the discretion of the Director, however, routines not finished receive a 2-point deduction. A performer will be allowed to re-perform any number without penalty if it is interrupted by a technical error on the part of DTI.

Line Up and Performance Schedule

Dancers are expected to perform in the order of the program unless the Director has granted special permission.

Persons needing to perform after their assigned Awards Ceremony forfeits their right to overall high score and highest score awards.

Dancers should arrive at least an hour prior to scheduled performance time. The first 5 acts are expected to be ready and checked in 10 minutes ahead of start time and should be ready to perform at the exact time of the opening of the competition.

Remember, that while we try to have exact schedules, things change. Please anticipate this.

Dressing Rooms

DTI does attempt to be fair in assigning dressing rooms; however, when space is limited it may be necessary for studios to share a dressing space. Please honor these placements and share the space.Entrants are expected to change costumes quickly (three numbers should be adequate in most cases).

Valuables and personal property left in dressing areas is left at the risk of the owner. DTI is not responsible for any items in the dressing rooms.

Any damages incurred will be the responsibility of the studio(s) dressing in that space.

Videos and Photography

Absolutely no videography is permitted as DTI provides taping of every event. Anyone caught recording a number may be asked to leave the facility. That person also may cause the studio he/she is affiliated with to be disqualified. Professional videos will be available to purchase at the site.

No flash photography is allowed at DTI events. If there is an onsite photographer, NO photography will be permitted.

Point Deductions

  • A .5-point deduction will occur per judge per acrobatic trick done not in accordance with our rules.

  • If choreography, lyrics or costuming is deemed to be too suggestive or otherwise inappropriate for a family audience, the routine will be scored lower by the judges.

  • A 2-point deduction will be made for music containing profanity.

  • Delay of the program because of props will result in 1 point deducted for every additional minute used to set up or remove props.


Every routine will be adjudicated. Solos/Duos/Trios will each receive a medal and Group Routines will receive a trophy and ribbons for each dancer.

  • Overall High Score Awards will be given in all 5 divisions and 7 age categories. Performance Troupe is recognized in one to three places,  Intermediate Troupe is recognized in three to five places, depending on the number of entries in the age category, and Elite troupe is recognized in three to five places, depending on the number of entries in the age category.

  • Highest Scores of the Event are awarded for every division in all Troupe Levels regardless of age. The number of places presented is at the discretion of the DTI staff and is based on the number of entries.

  • Judges Choice Awards are given at every Awards Ceremony at the discretion of the judges and Director.

  • Premier Troupe Performers are chosen from Performance Troupe Solos and Duet/Trios scoring High Gold or higher. All chosen candidates are eligible to participate in our Special Performer Program at Nationals.

  • Intermediate Troupe Performers are chosen from Intermediate Troupe Solos and Duet/Trios scoring High Gold or higher. All chosen candidates are eligible to participate in our Special Performer Program at Nationals.

  • Elite Troupe Performers are the Highest Scoring Solos at each Regional. The top five solos in the Elite Troupe are eligible to participate in our National Elite Troupe Program. The first-place winner will be named our Grand Troupe Performer. The Elite Troupe Performer receives a scholarship including their solo fee and the Special Performer Program package paid at our Grand National Finals!

  • The Call Back Challenge is a lightning round of encore performances chosen by the judges. Each regional winner receives an invitation to participate in our Special Performer Program at Nationals.

  • The Hollingsworth Award honors its founders and is presented to the studio whose routines most reflect Mr. and Mrs. Hollingsworth’s love of dance, style, and creativity which they exhibited throughout their careers and showed great studio spirit throughout the competition on and off the stage.

  • The Champion of Excellence is awarded to the highest-scoring routine of the entire competition. Award winners will be invited to dance in our opening number at Nationals. 



DTI reserves the right to cancel, move or extend any competition in accordance with the response to the number of entries or unforeseen circumstances. In case of cancellation, all funds will be returned promptly one to two weeks out of the event. There is no admission charge and the event is open to the general public. DTI will not release scores from all participating studios/entities to any one studio. Scores will be uploaded to reflect each participating studio/entity at each event in their portal.

Doors will open approximately 30 minutes before the competition’s scheduled start time.

ALL attendees, participating teachers, dancers, parents and friends are expected to display good sportsmanship. Persons not complying with this rule will be immediately disqualified and will lose future privileges to compete at a DTI event. Our focus is always on the dancers’ best performance and a family friendly atmosphere!



DTI, its staff, and the site of the convention or competition will not be responsible for any accident or injury that may occur to anyone participating or attending these events. DTI cannot be responsible for unforeseen flaws in stages that may inadvertently lead to an accident. Persons entering the competition and/or participating as a spectator MUST assume the responsibility for any unforeseen injury. It is the responsibility of the dance teacher and/or person in charge of the participating entries to educate them and other attendees from their studio as to these rules and policies.

By registering online for any DTI event, the studio and its teachers acknowledge that they have read and understand the rules and regulations of the event, and that they in turn have informed all parents as to the same requirements. Once a studio submits its entries to DTI, the company acknowledges your understanding of the rules and the liability clause put in place at all events.

Publicity Rights

All participants in our competitions at the Preliminary or National level give their permission for any photograph or video that is taken of them to be used in the promotion of DTI, including the rights of newspapers, brochures, websites, social media, cable and tv advertising.

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